Hello & Thank you for your interest in joining TPI!

I know that many of you have extremely busy schedules and other demands of your time so let me first say a heart felt “thank you” for your time in reading this letter.

Since moving to Michigan early 2002 to work for an engineering company supporting automotive diagnostics and testing solutions, I have been focused on networking with other young professionals, re-establishing a social network, and continuing my entrepreneurship endeavors. All have given me reason to write but the latter serves as the purpose of this letter.

In August of 2003, I founded The Pittman Inc. (TPI), a privately-held Michigan registered corporation, with the intent to publish a national minority-focused magazine, provide personalized mentoring/coaching services, and public speaking services as well. It was also my desire to provide an opportunity for myself and others of like mind to gain worthwhile employment that provided for the betterment of our community by truly making a difference, maximized our personal potential, and allowed us to have fun.

Thus far I have used all of my own personal funding and talent to advance the mission of TPI and reach various milestones in the company’s development. While this has been hugely beneficial, I believe TPI is quickly approaching the point where further progress of the company will depend significantly on the investment and talent of others rather than just me.

I am currently seeking a handful of core leaders and contributors to join the ranks of The Pittman Inc. I currently serve as TPI’s Chief Executive Officer and act as its sole director, but desire to expand its leadership. TPI is now actively looking for additional talented individuals to add to its ranks in a variety of areas including but not limited to: business administration, publishing, design, marketing, accounting, and also technical talent in the areas particularly of web development and programming.

This is a serious ground-floor business opportunity and if you have the same kind of serious interest in learning more about TPI and potentially becoming a part of the team, please express your interest by fully reviewing this website and sending email to Samuel Pittman at samuel@thepittmaninc.com.

For those of you who may not wish to join the team but would like to show support for TPI, please join our general mailing list clicking here and also stay tuned for investment opportunities in TPI.


Samuel Pittman
CEO – The Pittman Inc.

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